Unexplained Infertility

 Why infertility medical tests are important

Medical tests are important if you’re struggling to conceive because they uncover the types of problems that let you know when IVF is really your only option to get pregnant, or adoption is your only way to have a child. However there are a lot of infertility situations that do not require IVF and In these situations identifying what's going wrong via your fertility chart information can set you on a successful path to getting you pregnant.


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Do any of these scenarios match your experience?

Medical tests have found no issue so you are left either abandoned or facing IVF or fertility drugs as your only choice.My comment here is – that IVF is so “normal” these days it’s all too easy to think there is no other way to get pregnant. But there is!

Medical tests have found no issue with you but a borderline sperm irregularity with your partner. The blame for the infertility is placed purely with him but actually you do have minor fertility health issues too – it’s just you didn’t realise it! This combination of minor irregularities on both sides leads to a stubborn yet non-serious infertility situation leading to the conclusion that IVF is the only way.My comment here is –- I came across this situation in clinic: My client’s partner had a borderline low sperm count and my client had just had a miscarriage. Medical tests showed no issue with her. One month later she consulted with me. Despite her clean bill of health, her baseline chart showed irregularities in her luteal phase. My client had regular treatment in my clinic and she followed a bespoke exercise programme and dietary recommendations. She was the most disciplined client I have ever worked with. Each succeeding cycle showed new improvement on her chart. By the fourth cycle her chart had normalized and on the 6th cycle she got pregnant. Her partner had no treatment for his sperm issue. My client was 41 years old. It’s easy to see why couples do opt for IVF – this combination of minor abnormalities statistically made their chances of conceiving very low.

An issue such as endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids has been diagnosed. Medication and /or surgery are given and there is still a problem conceiving. The conclusion is that the diagnosed condition is untreatable and IVF is regarded as the only option.My comment here is – labels can be intimidating and mislead you. A Fertility Chart is a great way to double check the impact your labelled diagosis is having on your fertility health profile before you make big decisions about treatment strategies. Dabbling or immersion into generic self-help methods that are not making a significant improvement to your fertility health. My comment here is – this can happen even when expert advice is given for a diagnosed condition. For example, that certain foods are beneficial for endometriosis. In my view, time wasting can be avoided if advice is tailored to you as an individual.