How to overcome problems with conceiving  

If you are having some difficulty trying to conceive then a Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) approach could help you.

The diagnostic methods used in TCM tend to identify minor issues that are affecting your fertility that may not show up in standard medical tests.

An objective way to discover the hidden blocks to your fertility is to complete a fertility chart. I use my specialist knowledge to interpret the findings of the fertility chart and help you identify those hidden problems that may not show up in standard medical testing.

Then we can take the next step and create a bespoke treatment programme to help you become fertility ready and increase your ability to conceive.

Get in touch if you are experiencing any of these common problems

polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).


And discover:

  + How treatment can lead the way to pregnancy and how it worked for some of our clients, including women over forty with miscarriage history.

+ If your situation is suitable for our therapies.

+ The health benefits of your treatment program.

+ How you can measure the effectiveness of your treatment program.

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