IVF Acupuncture  

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These days it has become standard practice for many woman to have acupuncture therapy alongside IVF. 
Clinical research has shown that acupuncture before and after embryo transfer significantly improves pregnancy success.
Benefits of IVF acupuncture include:
  •  research shows success rates improve by as much as 65%
  • many women say that acupuncture helps them to relax deeply during the build up to their IVF.  
  • if acupuncture treatment is started a few months before your IVF cycle there is time to work on minor health issues that can help to support a successful and healthy pregnancy. For example, some women want to eat too many carbohydrates - a sign of blood sugar imbalance. 
 At Cambourne Acupuncture we are ideally located to support your IVF treatment because we are only ten minutes away from Bourn Hall IVF Clinic and  twenty minutes away from the clinic at Cambridge.
As well as acupuncture treatment we offer advice on relaxation techniques and yoga exercise to help you to feel more relaxed during your IVF cycle.
We recommend you come for a consultation 2-3 months before your IVF cycle starts so you are able to make the most of what our treatment and lifestyle advice can offer you.